Who are you when you’re your best

I ponder this idea often. Who am I when I am at my best? I am quite a entertaining person to be around. I am funny, silly, I feel beautiful, I am outgoing, positive and full of encouraging emotions.

I love this version of me. I tend to be more gentle to myself, which reflects the way I go about my day to day life. I make more plans with friends, talk about future engagements and really look forward to things to come. I enjoy each moment, I am less worried about “checking in” on social media and rather soaking in the memories as they arrive.

This place is a really great place to be. I wonder if this is how it’s like for individuals who don’t struggle with mental health sacrifices. I mean waking up with a good night of rest, clear mind and ability to make time for mindful exercises has never been a thing I’d imagine myself doing.

Incredible, truly-What its like to know how you are meant to be in this world? This is how I should feel. I consistently have chosen myself every day. I complete a ritual a day, I still am reading (however, not as much because I’ve been super sleepy). I focus on how things feel, sound and look around me. I value my actions more than my thoughts. I compliment myself, and have been making myself dress up when my mind wants me to be down. I acted against my depression! I did the opposite it wanted me to do! I went out of the house, spent time with a friend and ENJOYED IT.

I guess the trick really is being consistent with yourself. I always wondered why what I was trying to do to help myself never worked. Why I felt like I had to get prescribed multiple medications to control the events my mind was putting me through. Its evident I needed consistency. Nothing changes in one day, ones’ mind especially. I also understand if I stop these awesome skills I’ve picked up, I can only go backwards.

So…forward we prevail! Keep doing those reflections, encouraging words, read those self-help articles and books! Express your love to others, and yourself!

much love,


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just a girl who lives on sarcasm, compassion and emotions. trying to make my way into the life I've always dreamed of. Writing through travels in van life and travel nursing from coast to coast. Mental wellness advocator, creative writer, nomad and travel nurse here. :)

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