It’s about the journey

When you reach the finish line, do you critique your endeavors on your path to success, or do you congratulate your new accomplishment remarkably?

One thing I’ve realized in the last five months is that it doesn’t matter where you start, how you ended, or the neglects you’ve experienced that caused your current situation. What matters is simply the interpretation of your purpose, humility, and your heart through it all.

Do you treat others with kindness? What about yourself? Are you gentle to your reflection, successes and endeavors? Your actions toward others reflect many things. Ponder the response in how you experience human interactions. Often times those surrounded by negativity are the reason for it as well. Come over to the sun with me, let’s be free.

My journey has been significant to say the least. Sometimes when I share my experiences I fail to recognize the amount of trauma I’ve experienced, because I now don’t associate my life with such negativity. I understand I’ve experienced devastating traumas in my life, but that’s shaped me into the wonderful ray of sunshine I am today. I want to focus on the exponential growth and soul searching that has gotten me to where I am today, however will elaborate slightly on my past, because reflection is quite an important part of the healing process.

A little background info for those newly joining: In January I ended a significant relationship with someone who I was ready to settle down into life with. What I failed to realize then is that not all people are as good for you as you want them to be. Now, this by no means is indicative of either one of us being in the wrong, for I will respect our privacy in that regard-but in all fairness, we just weren’t right as a united couple. I lost my mom in May of last year and I’ve sufficed through the devastating “first” holidays and birthdays without my mom. Contrary to some, I’ve come out of these things with an entirely different view on life. I’ve developed confidence in myself, fitness routines and developed my overall health. I am awakened each morning (or afternoon cus I work nights) to the pleasant thoughts of daily gratitude and energy radiating from my soul.

I can’t express the intense feelings I felt in the last ten years battling severe depression and anxiety with the greatest of ease, however I will create an abstract. My anxiety sky rocketed and turned into endless hours of panic attacks with a relationship over a couple years ago. Since then I’ve been so awful to myself, so crushing and negative. My mornings began entangled in passive intentions at harming myself more often than I want to admit. However, I always knew deep down, my job here is still in process.

Remember that each human you have contact with is an opportunity to be kind, generous and supportive too. Ask your friends genuine questions, remember small details of things they love, give those random compliments and appreciate and support one another! This world is so cruel we should yearn to be greater.

With all else,


Mi amore

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just a girl who lives on sarcasm, compassion and emotions. trying to make my way into the life I've always dreamed of. Writing through travels in van life and travel nursing from coast to coast. Mental wellness advocator, creative writer, nomad and travel nurse here. :)

2 thoughts on “It’s about the journey”

  1. IMHO negativity gets too much of a bad reputation. Negative is simply a change in direction, Then again, there are many more words available than the over simplistic postive vs. negative.


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