find comfort in your reflection, adhere to your progression

I have astonished myself this year with personal development-experiencing the most productive growth over the last eight months than that of the last ten years. My mental health and self-confidence have never been this secure. Respectfully, I owe this all to myself, for I left my soul neglected far too long.

How did/do I turn it around, successfully and whole heartedly?

Well…I often watch motivational videos and follow influencers, who trigger my intuitive thoughts and challenge me to continue my growth and pursue my passions. If you haven’t watched Will Smith’s videos on youtube-start today. He is one of the top individuals that trigger my intuition, and instill confidence in my efforts. Additionally, I search and read blogs of women who possess confidence, strength and independence. I learn their habits and tweak them to create my own. I practice affirmations, keep up with my hobbies and intentionally train my intrusive thoughts into positive ones. This was really hard initially, but once you get an intrusive thought-counteract that with three positive ones, and release the negativity. Consistency is key. I practice efficient hygiene efforts, which keep my body in motion. The simpliest acts of self care are just as important to mental heath. Don’t forget about your physical self too! Additionally, I consciously and purposely reach out to my friends and ask if they are in need of any supportive care, talks or silence. I yearn to instill positivity in the lives of those I am around. I basically run around shitting glitter everywhere I can, to make anyone around me smile. I am the sun-(not in a blinding you way, but a I want you to feel warm, bright and important way).

This week I came across a video that really struck me. This woman was talking about how most people, (primarily us women) expect others to recognize those traits about us we wish people would point out. Come on, we know- It’s those things you want your boyfriend to take pictures of you doing, or make comments about-or your best friends at that, whoever doesn’t matter, its the fact of such that does.

You know, like how you light up when you talk about your favorite ice cream, the way you wiggle when you eat that first bite of food, the way you literally glow when you play with children, the amount of enjoyment you get looking into the night sky, the pure joy from the simple pleasures of life, the light in your eyes when you reflect on your career goals, the passion that’s heard when you talk about your work, the silly dances you do in your car that bring out your goofy side, the puns you deliver poorly because you laugh the whole way through, the quirky and dorky texts you send to get someone to smile, the random acts of kindnes you perform just to remind someone they matter, the offerance of mental health support and advocation that make you the beautiul, passionate and empathic person you are…

THOSE. I was ignited with much inspiration to write about all the things that make me, me. The intention of her video reflected it is inappropriate to expect others to notice such qualities and traits, when you yourself can’t even recognize them. Take a moment after this blog, and evaluate those quirks within yourself, acknowledge the traits that make your beautiful soul shine.

One reservation I have had during the early times of self improvement was doubt. I was doubtful that I wouldn’t love this new me, I didn’t know who I was without the presence of anxiety and depression. I was scared to lose that part of myself, cus it had always been apart of me. But as I have found, release of such negativity opens the window of creative, compassionate, immaculate beauty. Recognize and release your toxic traits to make room for yourself to shine.

Don’t ever stop trying to be the best of yourself. We are all here for a purpose, for whatever it is you yearn out there, you deserve. Utilize self help resources, for they are immensely helpful at self relfection efforts. Don’t be afraid to grow as a person, you’re allowed to change.

With all else, love more


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just a girl who lives on sarcasm, compassion and emotions. trying to make my way into the life I've always dreamed of. Writing through travels in van life and travel nursing from coast to coast. Mental wellness advocator, creative writer, nomad and travel nurse here. :)

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