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i’d never imagine this year to turn out the way it did. i’ve overcome so many challenges, worked through tremendous personal growth, and learned how a true lady should be treated.

old bree would still be going through all the stages of grief, for any loss exhibits feelings and panic in my soul…but, new bree is okay.

for the last nine months, my life has been a learning curve. Learning how to establish my confidence, self respect and learning to never regret communication or love given are the top lessons thus far.

i am an intense person, for i will never apologize for that. i feel deep emotions, express love in any way i know possible. i carry a hue to me that i am so proud to have. i am passionate, kind, funny, intelligent and driven. i have an established career, hustle hard and always strive to be the best person i can. life definitely tries to damage the progress, but i have yet to fall.

this week has reminded me to focus on myself, my goals and the future i want. it reminded me that sometimes yellow flags are still red ones, and to never assume something is more than it is. it taught me to reignite my intuition.

i experienced a loss of the one i really fell hard for… i am hurt but okay. i am happy that i had so many moments with him, for my growth was supported by the freeing feeling in my soul when we were together. he taught me to make sure to always have fun, to never apologize for expressing emotions and to stick up for what i want through efficient communication. he helped me realize i was enough, more than enough, for the right one. he taught me it was okay to not be okay, and okay to be my wild self all at the same time. he taught me i wasn’t too much for the one that i’m supposed to have. he helped me learn how to be myself, and for that i am endlessly thankful.

i’ll forever value for the time we spent, for i am a better person because of us, what we were for some time.

the clock still ticks and the sun still rises, regardless. pick your head up and shine baby, it ain’t over yet.

with all else, love more


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just a girl who lives on sarcasm, compassion and emotions. trying to make my way into the life I've always dreamed of. Writing through travels in van life and travel nursing from coast to coast. Mental wellness advocator, creative writer, nomad and travel nurse here. :)

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