first day

most of my success in life sprouted from the doubt of others. finishing high school, getting my nursing assistant certification, finishing surgical tech school and even nursing school. through all those successes i fought doubt from many directions, and successfully proved them all what i can handle. i’d have to say, my most recent transition into ICU has been all me. i actually didn’t have any vocal doubters, and i’d have to admit it may have given me some false or early confidence.

regardless, i finished my orientation and knew i was making an impact. family members would vocalize my sincerity and gentle approach with their loved ones and patients would express themselves with music or therapeutic touch. little responses mean a lot in my nursing world now, and response to music is quite an emotional experience to be apart of.

as i approach my first shift riding solo i have to remember the first day i shadowed down this unit. the knowledge nurses had and new equipment i’ve never been exposed too was overwhelming at the least, but through the fear i kept going. as one of the new baby nurses down there i know and recognize i have so so much more to learn, and am so excited for the opportunity to treat patients through the hardest times in their life. the intensity and acuity of the population i care for is engaging and triggering to my education and advancement of clinical skills. i’m ready, today i am ready.

i hope that my time in nursing impacts each patient in some type of positive way. i just want them to know they’re truly cared about, in all hierarchy of needs.

i know i am the one who put in the physical work here but i have to credit the one by my side the whole time. i’ve never been encouraged like you encourage me, or pushed to my potential. i’ve never been so supported and confident to pursue an actual dream position. i get to legitimately save lives, and as time goes on, my skills will adapt and develop into one exquisite badass nurse.

so thank you to my best friend, my love, my biggest fan and hype man around for teaching me more and more about myself. thank you for giving me the ability and security to grow on my own, while we also grow together. its our bond that i cherish so deeply and i am incredibly thankful to have you at my side. i simply can not wait to be by your side celebrating your accomplishments next!

so to the family and friends i haven’t reached out too, i’m doing well. to the ones i haven’t spoken too in months or longer, i support you from afar. to the ones who simply got by this last year, it’s okay! you can only truly fail if you give up on yourself.

hustle hard and fight for what you want, i promise you won’t regret it

all for now


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just a girl who lives on sarcasm, compassion and emotions. trying to make my way into the life I've always dreamed of. Writing through travels in van life and travel nursing from coast to coast. Mental wellness advocator, creative writer, nomad and travel nurse here. :)

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