camper life update

I think I’m starting to become accustomed to this new lifestyle of mine. I left my nursing job, my home, my family and friends to pursue travel nursing on a journey across the US. I have multiple states in mind I want to stop and live in during a travel assignment, while living out of a converted van at local campsites.

I wake up and lay to the sounds of birds and insects from the distance. I can hear cars softly passing by as I rest my head in my converted van to boho-rogue rv. I have a pretty cozy set up here, with twinkle lights and modern decor. I love it. It is all new, it’s all mine, and it’s exactly what I envisioned.

I really am so proud of this adventurous go getter Bree. I always knew I had it in me, I just didn’t think I would be able to ease my anxieties enough to pursue it. Additionally, I had this always as a second choice. If I failed at my first life story of finding a husband and making a family, I’d chase my true dream. I needed to learn what it felt like to put myself first. Well, I know. I feel such relief and freedom now. I know whatever is happening now is temporary. To this shall pass. I can act in whichever ways make me the happiest, and I can chose where my energies are focused more wisely its the nature surrounding my being.

the drive to Virginia was long but quite beautiful. I have never enjoyed long car rides, mostly because I get bored. However, this wasn’t so bad, I took my sweet time and arrived Wednesday at my destination. I took as many breaks as I wanted and needed, and let my body rest when I felt fatigued. I was sore from driving for a day or so, between my shoulders. But I’m fine. I quickly befriended my now campground buddy and I feel much safer with a friend. I know I’d be fine either way, but its nice knowing someone you know is close by.

I finally got my computer today. I forgot it at home and paid a shitton of money for overnight shipping just to be misguided and not get it till two days later. I was behind a ton on school and I think I was just so obnoxiously overworked and stressed with the last minute moving details, school surpassed my mind. I am hoping to get some graciousness with turning those assignments in, but even if not, the worst isn’t really that bad.

I have been journaling more and being more active, also making videos on tik Tok for van life updates. I haven’t really done a vlog since the first one but I’m working on my time management and daily flow of things here.

I want to do research on efficient coolers or mini fridge for rv’s because getting ice on the daily is really annoying. I have to have continuous power hook up and that either mean I need solar panels or a generator. I also need to store my cot somewhere. I don’t need it at all here, unless I have a friend stay with me who wants it. Idk. I also think I did a great job organizing the last couple of days, I have things almost exactly where they belong with exception of a few things.

Overall I’m super ecstatic for this journey. I am still so excited for each day and feel so free, so happy.

that’s the update for now mi amore,


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just a girl who lives on sarcasm, compassion and emotions. trying to make my way into the life I've always dreamed of.

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