dear future husband

i’m not sure who you are, or if we’ve even encountered each other in this reality. but i really want too.

where are you?

i hope to meet you soon. i want to see the spark in your eye as ours meet the first time. i want to interlace our hands and bond with you. i want to lay on your chest and hear the lub-dub of your heart. I want to feel your embrace against my body on a long day. I want to rub on your head and arm and back until you fall asleep as we lay under the bright night stars. I want to learn the little details about you, why you may scrunch your nose or get shy sometimes. what your favorite pass time is, and why you do other particular things you do. what are your greatest passions, goals and self care techniques. how do you handle stress and deadlines, how do you handle failure? how do you handle success? what makes you laugh? what makes you sad? do you go about your day with intent to make a positive impact on at least one person? How do you love? Do you enjoy a lot of the things I do? what hobbies do you have that are unique? what makes you, you? surprise me with your ways, your “hows” and views on life in the world and what it really means to you, to live and to be alive for you.

i am obviously yearning the day i finally meet you. I know there is a greater plan-whomever came up with it is beyond my knowledge, but I know you’ll come when its time. I just hope that time is coming soon.

I want to finally be safe with showing my vulnerable side to another person. i want to find you, i want to see first hand what it means to have a someone who always means what they say and says what they mean. i’m frankly sick of the half-assed shit. be scared with me, let’s make something magical.

i wanna dance with you on the side of a road we stopped at just to catch a glimpse at the stars under a dark sky. i want to bake with you in the kitchen of our dream home when we can’t sleep. i want to make up handshakes and code phrases only you and i know. i want to know what it feels like to be loved more. i wanna watch us become parents and alter our own parents advice into that of our own. i want to see the world with you but most importantly experience it aside you.

although i talk a great deal about things i’m excited to do with you, i am able to be with myself now. i’m able to sit and reflect and thank my inner self for all she’s done and how she’s waited for me to come around and heal her for so long. I still practice my strategies of coping, healing and inner self love daily, but I am surely ready to trust her in love again. I’m ready to join the journey I began and start it with someone, adventuring around the united states together. to begin building a family together, to trust and grow together. to find happy with you, after all.

I hope you’re ready for some intense loving. I hope you like early morning coffee dates and check ins/reflections. I hope you are inspired by a lot of things, but mostly yourself. I hope you dance with me in the kitchen at 0300 when we can’t sleep. I hope you build forts for us to hide in during storms. I hope you love whole-hardheartedly. I hope you are trustworthy and kind and passionate for those you love and yourself. I hope you like dogs, kids and outdoor living. I hope you like adventure, travel and spontaneity. I hope you’re open minded, and protective of us. i hope you are available and open to being vulnerable with me. I hope you are honest and carry integrity through your actions and performances-personally and professionally. i hope you are outdoorsy, handy and strong. i hope you are resilient and responsible. i hope you are educated, goal oriented and hard working. i hope you are all the things you wish to become. i hope you are your whole hearted self.

I hope you’re ready too. I hope you’re ready to be loved harder than you may have ever been before. I hope you’re ready to trust, to be trusted and treated with the most delicate and old fashion true love. I hope you’re ready for a family, a long lasting forever type of love together.

i hope you’re around soon, i can’t wait to meet you


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just a girl who lives on sarcasm, compassion and emotions. trying to make my way into the life I've always dreamed of. Writing through travels in van life and travel nursing from coast to coast. Mental wellness advocator, creative writer, nomad and travel nurse here. :)

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