your dreams in retrospect to your reality

are you ready to create a blueprint of your life?

as questioned in my previous blog: how would your world be different if you were in control? what job would you have, what would your house look like, what car would you drive? how many children would you have, what traits would your spouse posses? how would you be appreciated, loved and cared for? how would you appreciate love and care for others? what does your world consist of, had you chosen your own hand in the deck of cards called life?

i’m gunna hit yah real hard with this one…but you are in control. maybe not of the great ultimate plan, but the day to day and your reactions and to whom you instill trust, the ones you choose to be friendly with, the ones you love, that’s all up to you sis. the way you either become what you were raised with, or the complete opposite, that control is in YOUR power.

ponder for a moment, your most beautiful life. what does it look like?

mine, mine is remarkable.

my life would entail: kindness, gentle but powerful advocacy, generosity, humor, spontaneity, dedication, education, self-worth, independence and old fashioned love. it would be solo trips across the united states in search of a home. it is many nights of finding my true self, loving my inner self and growing together into the best version of me. its getting through every challenge, anxiety and struggle that comes my way. its handling things with care, passion and intent. it is me getting a masters degree once i find a state to plant roots in, buying or building a house into a home, and welcoming one or two puppies into a new life. it’s a lover who understands my hours and dedications, and helps me find time to remember to always come back to myself. someone who encourages intellectual conversations, and openly welcoming to emotional ones as well. its someone who will be outside with me and our children, who will read stories to our children at night, and the day. its someone with the same adventure bug as i have, someone creative and open minded in retrospect to this world we live in. its someone who is empathetic in nature, dedicated in passions and sincere in actions. i would be chasing the piers and wonders of the world, alone or with my family. i would camp and life rogue hippie life as often as possible. it is writing a book about my journey, to inspire young minds to never ever give up on themselves. its speaking and motivating friends and others to always stick up for themselves, because after all, no-one else ultimately will. as the ultimate vision of this is yet to be created, there is a great amount shared of my personal blueprint.

as i said above, as crazy as it sounds…you are in charge of this. this is the blueprint of your own life, now fucking go out there and make it.

go get em, mi amore,


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just a girl who lives on sarcasm, compassion and emotions. trying to make my way into the life I've always dreamed of. Writing through travels in van life and travel nursing from coast to coast. Mental wellness advocator, creative writer, nomad and travel nurse here. :)

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