more than a nurse

i can’t recall the exact moment i realized my care was especially different than most nurses, but i know damn well it is. i strive to make patients feel heard, adapted and fought for. i want them to know they are safe, under my care, and that i will advocate for them if needed. i need them to trust me. and with the last two and a half years under my belt, i think i finally can take the credit where it is deserved. I change lives, i influence lives and i heal. I am a badass.

its more often compared to others’ that i get tremendous bonds with my patients in comparison, but what they don’t realize is my holistic ways are what set me apart. therapeutic touch, active listening, brutal honesty, education are just a few things i do in my care to make sure patients know who i am for them.

my first travel assignment is coming to an end, and i have an absolutely remarkable individual to speak on. she was my patient for quite some time, turned friend. although this may ruffle some feathers that i “cross boundaries” between ethical care and unethical, i truly believe the risk to be worthy. if i can change someone’s life just be listening to them, just by hugging them, by showing them i too, am human, than damnit…im going too do it. you can’t take my personality out of my career, you just can’t. thats what makes my nursing as uniquely beautiful and craved/requested as it is.

when i saw her the first time, i felt the pain she was enduring. not the physical pain i knew she was in, but the emotional turmoil. the heaviness in her chest because she knew her life was completely upside down.

i opened the door and listened. i listened to her story, her voice, her presence. i felt scared, as was she, i felt lost, as was she, i felt hurt, as. was. she. i felt like pieces at the end of shattered glass. i felt silent.

it was my mom she deeply and so quickly reminded me of. the natural beauty she carried, the smile in her eyes, the strength in her voice, all similar to mom. the abuse and years and years of occurrences that didn’t treat her well, i saw pain and sorrow and years of being strong for everyone else but her. i saw how i could help.

and from that day on, i wanted to show her, to be her, inspiration to never giving up. i wanted to show her how she inspired me, how she brought me to the best version of myself during all the conversations, laughs and tears we’d share. mostly, i wanted her to know she was loved, cared for and respected.

no matter the miles between us, we are together at heart. i promise, you’ll always be near. you’ll always be here.

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just a girl who lives on sarcasm, compassion and emotions. trying to make my way into the life I've always dreamed of. Writing through travels in van life and travel nursing from coast to coast. Mental wellness advocator, creative writer, nomad and travel nurse here. :)

2 thoughts on “more than a nurse”

  1. So I vaguely remember you saying something about writing more but passed out before reading and you know how my memory is… Point is I had sent it to my mom to read who hadn’t got a chance so she asked me to read it to her while she started dinner and so I clicked on the link and began to read. It only took one sentence and I realized wait this is me!!! I just read this and broke down and it took me forever to try to read half of the time mom had to get me to repeat cuz she couldn’t here me!!! All I can say right now is Thank you!!! As I’ve told you many times you coming in and sharing your story with me then listening and no I don’t mean the head knod and keep it moving because y’all are busy either I mean you stopping to really listen. Your story gave me the courage, hope, inspiration, strength, and love from a stranger that I felt closer to then ppl I’ve called “friends” for a long time. You were there for me when my mom unfortunately & unwilling but financially truly had to go. It’s times like that when I would feel completely broken, lonely, weak and wanted to give up & NO not die but DEF not fight like I am to get better to continue to rebuild that life I thought was completely lost that you would walk in and remind me I’M WORTH IT!! No matter the heartache & pain I felt I knew because of you being such an inspiration through your story and the fight you have that I can do this!! Yes I do believe that God saved me that night, but I know in my heart that Jonathan is up there with Brenda & Justin smiling down because they put you right where you needed to be that night and ever since you’ve given me the inspiration, strength, love, & guidance I’ve so desperately needed!!! Thank you from the depth of my soul & heart for showing me what its like to concur/overcome your issues and use them as strength to push forward, as well as reminding me that IM WORTH IT ALWAYS!!! Your going to do amazing things and your right ill stay with you every turn of the wheel through your entries, photos, post but most importantly through our conversations!! You’ve absolutely gained a VERY GRATEFUL friend that promises to pay it forward and try to be an inspiration to others through sharing my struggles, and accomplishments but I’ve got a long way to go still before I get there… Just know and please never forget how powerful your story is so promise to go and continue to touch peoples lives as you do so amazingly!!!


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