i found home

i know it seems i may be jumping the gun but i definitely found my forever home in Colorado. i flew in yesterday after my virginia contract ended for a vacation before my california job starts. shoutout to my homies in the 757! but i have been yearning for a place to feel like home, a feeling i actually haven’t had in this lifetime. i was born and raised in Ann Arbor, MI and honestly it wasn’t a place for me. where violence, poverty and self doubt protruded my lifestyle-i left my michigan self behind; i was depressed and always anxious, i left her because i knew this bree was ready. and this bree is here.

from the first moments of breathing in their crisp air i just new this place was something different. my first encounter with mountain views absolutely took my breath away and i cant help but get carried away gazing at their beauty. i seriously cant be anything but in absolute awe with this place.

im not sure how long ill be here this vacation, or what exactly i wanna do on this needed time off work but im listening to my body, for what i need i will give.

im currently waiting for the sun to creep above the mountaintops debating on todays moves. i’m thinking about what i want my day to look like. theres the royal gorge bridge. hot springs and tons of cute spots to visit. theres writing, journaling and soothing activities as well.

if anything comes out of this vacation, its relaxation that i want. its unwinding and centering myself back to equilibrium. its finding comfort in the beginning again, where you know nowhere and noone at all. its breakfast lunch and dinners embraced in your own company. its becoming your own companion. thats the strongest, most independent thing we can be.

when i started this travel nursing journey my top goal was to be the safe space i need for me. to not create responsibility onto a lover or friend when you should be able to do it for yourself. that was one of my flaws, i made safety into my partner. now, im not saying you shouldn’t feel safe, but they shouldn’t be your sole source of safe-holding. when i was in a panic i 100% needed their presence, but now, i need mine.

if yall take anything out of my blogs please take this: if life doesn’t feel right to you in your gut, it probably isn’t the one you should be living. life is a beautiful handwritten book we each have the capability to create. write on

i love plane rides because i get to dance in the sky with momma and jd 💚💜

with all else, love more


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just a girl who lives on sarcasm, compassion and emotions. trying to make my way into the life I've always dreamed of. Writing through travels in van life and travel nursing from coast to coast. Mental wellness advocator, creative writer, nomad and travel nurse here. :)

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