come here love

for when will i know it was you? it was you that so generously gave the gift of everlasting love. that it was you that brought such a bright and shining individual into my life, at the perfect time. you can’t seem to think i wouldn’t notice, you’ve sent me an actual human angel. when will i know it was you mom?

right away i knew something was going to be different about him. not just the twang of California in his voice, but the passion in his eyes, the ignition in his heart and the determination in his soul; i knew he’d be one to be valued till life’s end. the reason he has with action, the significance in his words, the intent behind his writing, the authenticity of his self, wholy shit this man is remarkable.

for years i’ve been in relationships that were…one sided. for years, i prayed to find a love that didn’t leave me exhausted. i wanted one i didn’t have to ask for, one i didn’t have to beg for. i wanted one, a love, i deserved. and until that happened, i was finally happy alone.

it was me, myself and the road for some months in 2021. I uprooted my life out of Michigan, began travel nursing and searched for passion and true love within myself. I chased dreams, finished my BSN, worked my butt off and managed to move to California just four months after the east coast, in Virginia. as you can obviously tell, movement is kinda my thing. I don’t like to bake in one place, get too comfortable, or stagnant my life where growth isn’t inevitable.

I need a love worth learning, a love that grows, a love that tries. and he did. he showed up, he made moves, be set me up to be the most successful with food, drink and pleasures. he compassionately kissed me and caressed my body as it were a million dollar piece of art. he traced his lips against mine, following my body curves to my hips, his soft love blowing between his teeth into kisses down my body. where his words were full of love felt, his words echoing against the breeze of sweet central California.

never did i think it would be now, that i’d find you. but hey, i have been praying for your appearance. i’ve been writing and dreaming for the day and moments i meet you, wondering the intensity i will feel. wondering how the energies between us ignite off another, how the air remains crisp with our embrace, and how the world is peaceful when were together. but, here we go, here we are.

i pray to all services that i’m finally right this time. love is tiring, but it’s a beautiful thing when it works. i will as always, remain hopeful that this, that you, are it.

with all else,

come with me mi amore,


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just a girl who lives on sarcasm, compassion and emotions. trying to make my way into the life I've always dreamed of. Writing through travels in van life and travel nursing from coast to coast. Mental wellness advocator, creative writer, nomad and travel nurse here. :)

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