does this make me look engaged

i’ve seriously got to work harder at my writing efforts. i hate starting every blog as “sorry it’s been so long”, or “since it’s been a while”. i continually say i’ll try to do better, as i continually try.

anyways guys, my life is by far the most beautiful story and it just so happens to keep getting greater. let me give yall some evidence.

i first want to thank myself, because if i hadn’t gotten myself out of the rut depression drug me through for over a decade, i’d never see the days i live now.

my last blog was an update on me staying in California for some time. this one is about my new found forever.

if you follow me on other social accounts you know by now, that i’m engaged. much to my surprise, i found a man that gives the love i need, and needs the love i give. we’re soulmates, one hundred percent- without a doubt, we’ve been together in previous world. lucky enough, i know he’d choose me in the next one too. that’s how i knew he was the one.

with the lingering doubts i had previously about never finding a man to build a family with, i am awe at life. doubts dissipate into the air as i tenderly kiss with my new found king, i am thankful for the chance to receive genuine, whole-hearted love. i’m thankful to be able to love again.

guys, he’s more than anything i’d ever dream of, wish upon and construct in my mind. he’s greater than any good news, success, or accomplishment. he is truly incredible. he is selfless, thoughtful, compassionate, empathetic, sensitive, resilient and powerful. he is smart, funny, silly, trusting and honest. he is tall, handsome, bright, shining and extraordinary. he is my yellow, my safe, my person.

gahhh i could talk about him until the sun stops burning, until the trees stop growing and until the air runs out. until the pigs fly and the birds quack, i could go on and on about him.

i’m really excited for the next steps for us. after all, we got the fast track pass to engagement :), who knows what’s in store for us next!

as far as work is concerned, my contract for work has been extended until june, which is great news for me! i’m thankful to have security in this job especially right now, as contracts at some places are being ended early. regardless, I really do need to buckle down and start being serious about saving money rather than spending it on whatever the fuck i want, because we wanna go to hawaii for a contract soon! only thing is, we’d need a hefty savings account first! (we can do it, and we will!). So ill plan

i’m thinking of going to the coast on my next contract, taking a three day a week contract that allows me the chance to breathe and take it all in, this new life of mine. i need some time to just, adjust. somewhere to talk to mom, grandma, Justin and JoJo. somewhere to find peace, sanctuary and serenity. the beach is somewhere i can feel closest to the ones i miss most, it’s where i belong.

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just a girl who lives on sarcasm, compassion and emotions. trying to make my way into the life I've always dreamed of. Writing through travels in van life and travel nursing from coast to coast. Mental wellness advocator, creative writer, nomad and travel nurse here. :)

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