your dreams in retrospect to your reality

are you ready to create a blueprint of your life?

as questioned in my previous blog: how would your world be different if you were in control? what job would you have, what would your house look like, what car would you drive? how many children would you have, what traits would your spouse posses? how would you be appreciated, loved and cared for? how would you appreciate love and care for others? what does your world consist of, had you chosen your own hand in the deck of cards called life?

i’m gunna hit yah real hard with this one…but you are in control. maybe not of the great ultimate plan, but the day to day and your reactions and to whom you instill trust, the ones you choose to be friendly with, the ones you love, that’s all up to you sis. the way you either become what you were raised with, or the complete opposite, that control is in YOUR power.

ponder for a moment, your most beautiful life. what does it look like?

mine, mine is remarkable.

my life would entail: kindness, gentle but powerful advocacy, generosity, humor, spontaneity, dedication, education, self-worth, independence and old fashioned love. it would be solo trips across the united states in search of a home. it is many nights of finding my true self, loving my inner self and growing together into the best version of me. its getting through every challenge, anxiety and struggle that comes my way. its handling things with care, passion and intent. it is me getting a masters degree once i find a state to plant roots in, buying or building a house into a home, and welcoming one or two puppies into a new life. it’s a lover who understands my hours and dedications, and helps me find time to remember to always come back to myself. someone who encourages intellectual conversations, and openly welcoming to emotional ones as well. its someone who will be outside with me and our children, who will read stories to our children at night, and the day. its someone with the same adventure bug as i have, someone creative and open minded in retrospect to this world we live in. its someone who is empathetic in nature, dedicated in passions and sincere in actions. i would be chasing the piers and wonders of the world, alone or with my family. i would camp and life rogue hippie life as often as possible. it is writing a book about my journey, to inspire young minds to never ever give up on themselves. its speaking and motivating friends and others to always stick up for themselves, because after all, no-one else ultimately will. as the ultimate vision of this is yet to be created, there is a great amount shared of my personal blueprint.

as i said above, as crazy as it sounds…you are in charge of this. this is the blueprint of your own life, now fucking go out there and make it.

go get em, mi amore,


Adventures with Ollie, following the breeze

i’ve taken some time from writing but its only because i’ve been working endlessly trying to rack up the money in my current travel assignment. i’m working on adjusting some of the technicalities and construction in the van, paying off the credit cards i racked up from the van purchase itself, and finding out how to life with the new means i’ve created. i’m quite used to being below the means necessary, and for once, i don’t and no longer live that way.

as far as the van goes, Mr Ollie actually, he’s doing well. we’ve moved some things around and i’ve finally gotten a better flow and overall utilization of space within the cab. i’m working with my friend and her man on installing cabinets around the top of the bed, with a storage across the back. once that’s in, i won’t pull my clothes out of a suitcase anymore! I got rid of a bulky file cabinet, thank GOSH. although it had immense storage space, the drawers were not adequate for travel life, and a lot of space was wasted on the contrary just by having it. oh yeah…let me stress how exciting it has been to utilize bungee cords in this journey! they save my shit from tumbling over, as long as i remember to use them that is. I am also looking to add a ladder, so i can use the top as a relaxation spot and for extra storage space when moving locations. have you ever checked prices on van ladders? its absurd really. but totally going to be worth the additional “level”, like a balcony in a house type space. once i get that, ill also need an extra tire. i didn’t realize until yesterday really that i hadn’t had one. not sure what my plan was if i had a flat tire, but i need a spare forsure. i ordered a different table, one that folds down into a table and up into a “shelf” on a wall. this will open up the cab tremendously. I literally can slow dance with someone in it, if i wanted too. maybe one day i will.

it’s intriguing to learn as the weeks pass, what works in the van, and what needs to be changed or altered. I would like to put up some paneling to have actual “walls”, or the such appearance of a more homey vibe, and i’m excited to be on the path to achieving that. as probably no one knows, i got t-boned before i left Michigan and had a pretty significant hit to my drivers side. i purchased a couple band-aide decals because frankly, i’d rather pocket the insurance money and keep that dent as a huge reminder of the crazy journey i am on. also, when i went to get it looked at, i was told they’d have to completely strip out the interior to which i am NOT partaking in. There’s no way i can (mentally) afford no van or home for an entire month, and also to redo my entire works on the inside just to fix two panels. Plus, i get an extra chunk of savings to put toward the interior decor an design, im not worried about some dent on the outside that doesn’t produce any functional issues.

if you would have told me in march 2021, when i had a tragic decline in my mental health, that i’d be living my absolute dream as a travel nurse in august, i’d look at you like you were an alien. if you would have told me i’d finally give myself a fighting chance against the depression and anxiety i’ve held for over ten years, i’d laugh in your face. if you would have told me i’d move to a new state, drive 800 miles away from the only place i’ve known, i’d jokingly ask for two of whatever you’re taking. if you would have told me that i’d find the true me, i’d step back and ask…”how?”

if you were to describe your most beautiful idea of life, of your life, how would you begin?

would it start laying amongst the stars on a clear night, or on the shore of a beach as the sunrises? would you be so resilient and courageous you’d chase and achieve all you ponder? as there are a billion more questions we can address, of the life we’d create if we were able to pick and chose our destiny…let realize that WE FUCKING CAN.

we are in charge of the life we live, of course not every single moment, but damn…from our attitude and perspective to where we go to eat, how we treat others, how we raise children, the goals and dreams we accomplish, the car we drive, the house we live in, WE GET TO CHOOSE. so what does it look like to you?

i’ll tell you some of my perfect world..once you find the next blog


dear future husband

i’m not sure who you are, or if we’ve even encountered each other in this reality. but i really want too.

where are you?

i hope to meet you soon. i want to see the spark in your eye as ours meet the first time. i want to interlace our hands and bond with you. i want to lay on your chest and hear the lub-dub of your heart. I want to feel your embrace against my body on a long day. I want to rub on your head and arm and back until you fall asleep as we lay under the bright night stars. I want to learn the little details about you, why you may scrunch your nose or get shy sometimes. what your favorite pass time is, and why you do other particular things you do. what are your greatest passions, goals and self care techniques. how do you handle stress and deadlines, how do you handle failure? how do you handle success? what makes you laugh? what makes you sad? do you go about your day with intent to make a positive impact on at least one person? How do you love? Do you enjoy a lot of the things I do? what hobbies do you have that are unique? what makes you, you? surprise me with your ways, your “hows” and views on life in the world and what it really means to you, to live and to be alive for you.

i am obviously yearning the day i finally meet you. I know there is a greater plan-whomever came up with it is beyond my knowledge, but I know you’ll come when its time. I just hope that time is coming soon.

I want to finally be safe with showing my vulnerable side to another person. i want to find you, i want to see first hand what it means to have a someone who always means what they say and says what they mean. i’m frankly sick of the half-assed shit. be scared with me, let’s make something magical.

i wanna dance with you on the side of a road we stopped at just to catch a glimpse at the stars under a dark sky. i want to bake with you in the kitchen of our dream home when we can’t sleep. i want to make up handshakes and code phrases only you and i know. i want to know what it feels like to be loved more. i wanna watch us become parents and alter our own parents advice into that of our own. i want to see the world with you but most importantly experience it aside you.

although i talk a great deal about things i’m excited to do with you, i am able to be with myself now. i’m able to sit and reflect and thank my inner self for all she’s done and how she’s waited for me to come around and heal her for so long. I still practice my strategies of coping, healing and inner self love daily, but I am surely ready to trust her in love again. I’m ready to join the journey I began and start it with someone, adventuring around the united states together. to begin building a family together, to trust and grow together. to find happy with you, after all.

I hope you’re ready for some intense loving. I hope you like early morning coffee dates and check ins/reflections. I hope you are inspired by a lot of things, but mostly yourself. I hope you dance with me in the kitchen at 0300 when we can’t sleep. I hope you build forts for us to hide in during storms. I hope you love whole-hardheartedly. I hope you are trustworthy and kind and passionate for those you love and yourself. I hope you like dogs, kids and outdoor living. I hope you like adventure, travel and spontaneity. I hope you’re open minded, and protective of us. i hope you are available and open to being vulnerable with me. I hope you are honest and carry integrity through your actions and performances-personally and professionally. i hope you are outdoorsy, handy and strong. i hope you are resilient and responsible. i hope you are educated, goal oriented and hard working. i hope you are all the things you wish to become. i hope you are your whole hearted self.

I hope you’re ready too. I hope you’re ready to be loved harder than you may have ever been before. I hope you’re ready to trust, to be trusted and treated with the most delicate and old fashion true love. I hope you’re ready for a family, a long lasting forever type of love together.

i hope you’re around soon, i can’t wait to meet you


the new girl

i met her just a few weeks ago, when i peeked around the door i’ve been hiding from her entire life. she surely didn’t or couldn’t have expected me, i’ve been invisible. but this day, i saw her look at me, confused as to why i was trembling in my stance. she didn’t know how long i’ve been waiting for her, how long i begged for her, nor did she know exactly who i was. she didn’t realize my feet ache from the years of standing up alone, carrying the weight from years of unresolved trauma. she didn’t realize my head throbbed with aches of desensitizing memories. she didn’t realize what’s yet to come. not yet at least.

when she looked at me my eyes filled with tears. i’ve cried a lot before, that wasn’t the surprising or the unusual part, it was her looking back. it was her seeing me, acknowledging me, noticing me for the first time. time was frozen in that moment.

bree leaned against the concrete in a campground in chesapeake, Va with the sun beaming against her skin. A moment ago she was restless, unable to contain her discomfort from within. she had been camping for a few weeks now and still hadn’t understood how to manage being truly bored. she was the type to never sit down, or always sit down. objects in motion stay on motion, objects at rest stay at rest. newton’s law, we all know that. even with a bicycle, two pools, countless books and a degree to finish, she found time to be antsy. it was who she was. it is who she is.

i’ve gotta do something, i’ve gotta go, bree thought. her heart yearned the spontaneity of her new found lifestyle and she wanted to utilize every moment. she had no plans, but mere intentions to maintain her bold and courageous personality. she pondered for only a moment until she knew exactly what she needed to do.

the next morning she was a passenger strapped to a jumper and was moments from the one of the highest ranked life experience she’ll have. she flew with the angels and never felt air so…pure. she went skydiving. she grounded to the frank lack there of and enjoyed the feeling of what flying would feel like. between and above the clouds, with the greatest view of the city, she was amazed as she glided through the atmosphere. she flared aside the light clouds and heard angels singing in her head. she was mesmerized by the view, the space around her and the breeze to which carried through her back to the ground.

i stood behind the door for a week even after her seeing me that first day. just because she can see me doesn’t mean she loves me. it doesn’t mean she’ll stay. to be held accountable is a big job, to maintain integrity and service to yourself and others is work. one day i grabbed her hand. she was unsure my intention, but softly embraced my hand within hers. we’d stand together for four days before she asked me what i needed.

she knew though, i needed her


a letter to me

this will be a pretty intimate post. i’m writing to my big self, the 27 year old me in the real world. i am you, little b, you call me. i don’t know how old i am, probably 4 or 5, but i wanted to write back to a letter you wrote last week. so here i am.

i have been watching you more the last few weeks than i have ever before, you saw me didn’t you? i know you did, because you talked to me for the first time. i finally got to really meet you.

i held your hand for a few days as you know, just watching you. i could hear your genuine words and affirmations and i thank you for that. i was nervous at first, but soon could feel the strength you carried. i could feel the yearn for me, the love you wished to share together. i felt the hugs, even though i haven’t begun returning them. finally after the few days i was quietly standing aside you, i could believe you when you said you were there for me.

i remember you asked me to trust you, to let you be the one i hold on too. and honestly i think i can. i think i can make you the home i’ve been searching for.

i am sorry for not trusting you but you’ve gotta understand why. you chose others before me for so many years, you had to find someone to put me first because you never did. and after so many trials and errors you finally realized it’s you i need. you need to put me first and i to you. i finally realized it too. also the reason everyone always left was because it needed to be you all along. it took you so long to realize that and it’s okay. i’m not upset with you.

i want you to promise to stay creative, passionate and active in your dreams. i want you to help me finish mine too. i want you to laugh and cry with me, to sit in silence with me. i want to know your strengths and attributes that make you so very special to those who love you. i want you to learn that stuff about me. i want to learn everything about you.

did you know i can whisper now? before i never had a voice, not one you could hear for that matter. but you do now, you listen and you can hear me. thank you.

you’re really incredible you know. the way you gather your thoughts and so beautifully express them into words and sentences with your story, which, is extraordinary. after all the bad things that happened to you, you’re still so remarkable and kind and compassionate. one day i’ll learn how you managed that. so many people turn so evil when it itself approaches them, you got more and more kind. most importantly you never gave up on the true value of this life we share. even with a late start, we have a lifetime of memories to make together. we have so much to go and have already come so far.

so with that, a letter to me. from the little one inside who is now under your wing, trusting and ready for the adventure of us

thanks big b

great job


things she likes

i highly recommend you write a letter to the inner self of yours left suffering in the corner of your existence. i’ve written mine a few times this week, and shit-let me tell you, it blew my mind. I changed and adapted to a new perspective of this inner self.

mine could be envisioned as a little blonde hair, blue eyed green bean girl, with just an eye peaking around from behind the door. she’s shaking and purely terrified of the world around her. she keeps saying “everyone leaves” in the whispers of the hall

“i’m so sorry” i said, as i looked in her direction. “for not listening to you, for not knowing what you needed, for not knowing how to love you”

I told her i’d like it if she trusted me this time, to be her person. she knows and she has proof that everyone leaves, as it’s happened with every relationship since her first. even some friendships too, gone as she is disposable. she’s explains to me how she feels: too much of this and not enough of that. soon efforts fade from her relations. and then they’re over. she started weeping inconsolably.

But i begged for her to let big B be there this time.

the two embraced in their spiritual realm and a new destiny began.

as i began following more of my current needs and body’s demands, i began to hear little b. louder and more confidently. “rest” she said, listen or i’ll force the body into a mood, tantrum or outburst. So i rested. “Be active” she said, as she wanted to let out some energies. “Write”, she said. because she knew it was our first and best way to communicate, and a beginning to a whole new chapter in my life.

i’ve paid more attention to the things i do and wondered my reasonings behind it. lll share a few:

i say i love you often, to my friends and family, because my great friend Zoe always does and i never want my friends to question if they’re loved. i’m also big into reassurance and i love giving it to those who appreciate it!

i listen to Beethoven to concentrate because the sounds of piano are romantic and calming to my hectic firing mind. i’d also really really love to take piano lessons and learn how to play myself. i’ve always found the calm of a piano hum comforting

i say what’s on my mind because i want other people to have the courage to speak up if they feel the need as well. i never want someone to feel like their voice doesn’t matter, because it certainly does. i speak up because once i was afraid too, and my voice remained silent for far too long.

i send good morning texts across my friends list and offer words of encouragement and praise at random. i love putting smiles on my friends faces and reminding them why they’re loved so so much by me and so many others! also, small gestures can make huge impacts.

i joke a lot about my mom leaving the earth without notice, because it breaks up the emotion into a reasonable pattern. she didn’t want me crying anyways, i know she’s here beside me often.

when i lose things-especially like twice in five minutes-i look up and say “thanks brenda (mom) now help me find it” because i think my mom plays pranks on me from heaven and hides my shit in plain sight sometimes just for shits and giggles.

i sit at parks and gaze into the sky because i never knew what true peace felt like until now. i also wonder what heaven is like, if there’s purpose behind the sun shining behind and through the clouds. are there patterns or signs from loved ones up there?

i snort when i laugh because i laugh hysterically, i also snort more when other people laugh at me snorting which just causes a cycle. it’s pretty therapeutic so i don’t avoid it 😉

anyways, i love these little traits and qualities of mine!

little b and big b have some learning to do! but they’re both dedicated to another, ready and motivated to be the best they can as one

this is finished for now and i may add more later

all for now


life’s a little nomadic

I’ve lived in my van a tad over two weeks now. let me fucking tell you, the growth I’ve overcome in the last week has reached another high!

I have struggled letting myself be free from my previous attachments. once I, as my dad would say, “jumped out of a perfectly good airplane”, I was able to release that person forever. I am so thankful for that. I was holding on to a lot of pain for no reason worthy. I have reached new heights, emotionally and physically.

I am learning how to listen to my inner self. I can finally see her, she’s been hiding a very long time. I think everyone should sit and find theirs too. I learned what its like to sit in silence and watch her moves, watch her cries, and hear the cracks in her voice from being silent so long.

Camping really does get pretty boring. I haven’t learned how to be an avid reader, but I suppose that will happen when I solo camp. Right now I’m lucky and have a friend to company me sometimes. I have a membership to a gym as well, but lets say I haven’t felt bored enough to go there either. haha. I love to cook, that’s one of my favorite parts of being at a campsite. I get to be literally OUTSIDE all the time.

I do need to find a generator, little fridge and ac/heat source. this is not working well with none of the above. I just get very very hot and borderline sun poisoning. Which is not something I want to deal with here. With my plans to go further south as the summer progresses, I need to prioritize this need.

My goals are still extraordinary. I hope to continue to be the greatest version of me I can, to spread kindness across and to make people laugh and smile. I see memories of me this time last year and I was crying hysterically over the life and feelings I was overwhelmed by. I can report, that is no longer. I am finally better. I am finally me. I was suppose to begin work but it was delayed until tomorrow! I am super ecstatic to start this journey!!!!

all for now


camper life update

I think I’m starting to become accustomed to this new lifestyle of mine. I left my nursing job, my home, my family and friends to pursue travel nursing on a journey across the US. I have multiple states in mind I want to stop and live in during a travel assignment, while living out of a converted van at local campsites.

I wake up and lay to the sounds of birds and insects from the distance. I can hear cars softly passing by as I rest my head in my converted van to boho-rogue rv. I have a pretty cozy set up here, with twinkle lights and modern decor. I love it. It is all new, it’s all mine, and it’s exactly what I envisioned.

I really am so proud of this adventurous go getter Bree. I always knew I had it in me, I just didn’t think I would be able to ease my anxieties enough to pursue it. Additionally, I had this always as a second choice. If I failed at my first life story of finding a husband and making a family, I’d chase my true dream. I needed to learn what it felt like to put myself first. Well, I know. I feel such relief and freedom now. I know whatever is happening now is temporary. To this shall pass. I can act in whichever ways make me the happiest, and I can chose where my energies are focused more wisely its the nature surrounding my being.

the drive to Virginia was long but quite beautiful. I have never enjoyed long car rides, mostly because I get bored. However, this wasn’t so bad, I took my sweet time and arrived Wednesday at my destination. I took as many breaks as I wanted and needed, and let my body rest when I felt fatigued. I was sore from driving for a day or so, between my shoulders. But I’m fine. I quickly befriended my now campground buddy and I feel much safer with a friend. I know I’d be fine either way, but its nice knowing someone you know is close by.

I finally got my computer today. I forgot it at home and paid a shitton of money for overnight shipping just to be misguided and not get it till two days later. I was behind a ton on school and I think I was just so obnoxiously overworked and stressed with the last minute moving details, school surpassed my mind. I am hoping to get some graciousness with turning those assignments in, but even if not, the worst isn’t really that bad.

I have been journaling more and being more active, also making videos on tik Tok for van life updates. I haven’t really done a vlog since the first one but I’m working on my time management and daily flow of things here.

I want to do research on efficient coolers or mini fridge for rv’s because getting ice on the daily is really annoying. I have to have continuous power hook up and that either mean I need solar panels or a generator. I also need to store my cot somewhere. I don’t need it at all here, unless I have a friend stay with me who wants it. Idk. I also think I did a great job organizing the last couple of days, I have things almost exactly where they belong with exception of a few things.

Overall I’m super ecstatic for this journey. I am still so excited for each day and feel so free, so happy.

that’s the update for now mi amore,


what’s the breeze

hello all

time for another update in the life of bree

In the last week I have had to say goodbyes to my coworkers and family at St Joes, the ones that have been around me the last seven fucking years. I really had a difficult day last Friday, doing the “lasts” at the hospital, and it was emotional for me. I also had to say my goodbyes to the last patient I truly bonded with. Her transition into the angelic world is near, and I am thankful to have been able to at least have said my goodbyes to her before she reached Heaven.

As far as work went, my friends and colleges were extremely supportive. I anticipated much more shit from people, and I’m glad nobody said anything to my face. I didn’t want to have to prove to them why I was choosing myself, I didn’t have too. It’s bittersweet though, I know all my friends are there and supportive but I just want someone to express their sadness for my new journey. I want to be missed, that’s forsure. Of course I do, we all yearn to be wanted and missed and loved somehow.

I have started more of my van conversion, adding floors and walls. Its finally coming together and its sooooo surreal to see in real life, the vision I had in my head. I’m proud to be able to do this. I am proud of me. I am thankful so much for the help I’ve received from new friends and from family with the build and power tool logistics. I am so thankful for the opportunity to accomplish this. With the pandemic, I really felt trapped, as most of us did. Traveling was always going to make it into my story and I’m glad its finally here.

I have been also keeping up on my schoolwork, as I am almost done with my BSN RN degree. I’ve had my associates for two years and took some time off before COVID-19 hit to take a break from school. I’m so happy to be so close to my ultimate finish line! I know this isn’t it though, I am going to be getting my masters. I just am not sure exactly where or what I want it to be focused on. I’d say my career goals have adapted considering I just got the two highest dream job’s imaginable to me in this year alone. I have no idea what my endeavors hold. That’s okay. I want to pursue my travel journey for a few years, see where the road turns.

My romantic life has been finally placed on the back burner. Although I am on a site for app promotion, I really am not interested in romance. I usually can’t say that confidently, but I am now. I’ve finally realized how to focus on myself, how to love myself, before I can truly love my spouse. I am dedicated to loving me- now and always. It would be very cool though if my future husband just so happened to be one of the future men I write about here. It would be the upmost adorable story and blog to follow.

At first, I glanced away hoping he wasn’t tracking my embarrassed smile. (fast forward to many months later) …and that’s how we fell in love. a blog series. Anyways, for now its going to be about the one and only here.

My personal goals are indeed conquering. I have done so much work in such a little amount of time, I am so proud. I have maintained a great attitude, kept up on all my responsibilities, added a ton more of workload to my days, and continued to be great and authentic. I honestly am so badass.

I’ve got some personal time off before I leave and begin my journey. I say “see yah later” to my family this weekend, my friends and acquaintances I’ve met along the way. On the way and upon my arrival, I get to say hello to so many more people, I get to see so many beautiful sights that I haven’t ever experienced before, and I get to be 100% myself. I get to learn my silent thoughts, my mid day dreams, my fears and inspirations. I get to love me. I will learn and adapt and grow tremendously in the first month, to every single day after. I am so very excited for this. I can’t believe I’m this girl, I always saw her on the inside but never knew she’d come out and truly life and experience life for its offerings. Shit man.

T minus 6 days

alright mi amore