late night

more times than not, i ponder my next blog idea. i have so many things i want to write about that directly relate to my daily life, however-i value my found privacy and want to maintain that.

with that being said, i have established efficiency in my writings. i’m happy to be able to share my story and also hold onto the details where they matter most-my heart.

this month has both flown by, and dragged simultaneously. with a rocky first couple of weeks, and adapting to class again-it feels things are shifting back into place.

i have a lot to look forward too. i have a lot of love around me. i’ll never discredit the amazing support from my friends, coworkers and family as well. i’m waiting on my next opportunity to make another dream reality. initiation has occurred, only thing in my way is time. i wouldn’t speed it up even if i had the power, because the interim period is teaching me patience, and also giving me time for mental preparation for the possible change coming my way.

earlier this year i gave myself a boundary with my fears. fear is inevitable, so how do you face it?

for five seconds, i allow my anxieties and insecurities to reach out in my mind, and then i take a breath in, and let all of the negativity out in exhale.

that coping skill has gotten me through many situations that previously ignited panic. i’m proud to be able to reflect on this growth, because there was a point where i never knew i’d truly make it this far.

i often thank myself, for my perseverance. when i open a new blog, all i can begin thinking about is how far i’ve come to become this me. the tears i shed fighting for the most basics of decency, the yells of desperation and the lack of respect i dealt with because i thought it was the life i deserved. i went through it, but it lead me here. and there’s nothing else i’ve ever wanted more-than what i have right now, well-maybe a little more but there’s no rush.

the only advice i can truly give is to never give up on yourself. if you’re constantly worried, dependent, or feeling physically ill-try to change your environment. reach out to a friend, find some value in religion or spirituality, what ever you do-just keep going. if you’re on edge, panicking and isolating-listen to your intuition and find the source of the problem. what is your body trying to tell you?

life will settle into place when you need it, not when you want it. the person in which you are meant for, will be there when you are ready. whether you know that person yet or not, continue to be your best, true self.

practice affirmations, exercise, eat good food and enjoy your moments. adhere to your quirks, and love them! be your authentic self, and be gentle with her.

for our purpose matters, always

all for now mi amore



i often contrast with what i used to believe love was, of course before i realized my idea was poisoned by words and failed efforts.

before i knew what it was like to be the sun, i stood under the clouds. i stayed under until reality forced me to adjust my focus, and point it at myself.

i was lost in a mindset of dependency and panic. i thought it was who i would always be, for it’s the only me i knew.

i remember my first panic attack, but only through fuzzy memories. it was terrifying, heavy and uncontrollable. they went away for some time, until the trigger ignited with a romance gone wrong. thats when they changed. when uncontrolled crying became anger, destruction of my own possessions and wreck-less behaviors, i knew i had to get away. i don’t recall whether i experienced many attacks during the break or not, for my trauma consolation is blocking out negative experiences. this is why memory loss occurs with individuals who experience significant traumas. my attacks evolved yet again with a relation that changed most of my mindset for the worst. impending doom sent my mind to its darkest, deepest and most petrifying of places, i became afraid of my potential.

after the sudden and unexpected death of my mom, the early hours the day after she watched me walk across the stage as a graduate nurse, i had to make the conscious efforts to save this soul. i knew i had more to myself than the monster i had inside of me, and i was either going to turn it around right away or lose the battle after all. when i realized i was more than what others made me feel i was, everything changed.

for this life, i will forever fight for, because it’s you that showed me it’s worth. to you momma, this life will stay in the sun. for you, always.

through many, many motivational videos and intuition books, i learned to love myself again. i learned that my silly and goofy personality was not in fact embarrassing, but who many people want to be around. i learned that i was greater than the negative experiences i stood through, and i was not what my anxieties tried telling me. i realized i was worth the love i give so freely, that i did belong here. i believed and loved myself all over again. my last true panic attack came and went like a short michigan storm cloud. i am immensely grateful for the skills and validation i have earned and maintained, to be able to express my emotions in ways that don’t cause panic. my support is full of the most beautiful souls, who i know always have my back.

to someone i was once a needy, emotional and sad person but to the right one i am sensitive, compassionate and kind. to the one who once didn’t understand my humor, i now have someone that giggles beside me to my puns and poorly executed jokes. someone who cherishes moments and is more thoughtful than i could have imagined, i am forever thankful to know him.

i used to be treated with such little respect, begging for the smallest moments of undivided attention or intimacy and now i am blown away by the communication and time i spend with him. i panicked in the past because my feelings were always invalidated and made me feel crazy, but now he sits with me and encourages me when i’m ready to talk, to express all the feelings i have. i used to feel in invisible and unimportant but to him i feel like the greatest part of his world.

i could go on and on about the differences i experience in this excellent and happy life i now live and love to be apart of. our journeys never end, when we continue to be our true selves.

i remember writing once about how you can’t ever expect anyone to notice the little things about you, until you know them yourself. make sure your heart is ready before you move on. make sure you know your true worth, when you find it yourself. don’t allow the opinions of people that aren’t your pure support to affect your dreams and visions of what your life should be. and be okay with the unknown, don’t be afraid to take a risk, for that’s often the precursor for something quite extraordinary. they do say nothing great comes from comfort zones, so let’s go baby-take that risk.

with all else, keep your heart pure with intentions of sincerity with those you love. you’ll never regret it. stay true to you.

xox mi amore

and then my world started spinning again

with my last post, i mentioned turning the page. sometimes we do it to move on, to keep going or to forget. but remember it’s okay to reread pages-to gain a new understanding of what is yet to come. it’s okay to start over, start fresh and with a new comprehension between two souls.

it doesn’t need to make sense to anyone except the ones reading, living and experiencing such.

one of the biggest turning points in my life was when i thought i lost who i was. one of the greatest lessons i learned was to never give up on who i wanted to be. this goes into effect with the rest of the words to follow.

with the crack in my spirit, i have prayed for healing. i looked for every sign i could that made me feel the presence of my mom, begging for clarity. it took patience and moments of fear that felt heavier than a ton of bricks on my chest, but it happened. i didn’t realize, until today, it meant going back and pressing restart. replay it-your story, reread it, to hear the words aloud and see a clearer outcome. i do this, i did this, to rekindle the spirit i had behind a cloud. i realize now she was there the whole time, waiting for today.

i’ll forever remember the relief in my heart, soul and spirit when i knew i was truly enough the whole time. more importantly, my world was back.

the first embrace was the initial reminder that i never want to let go again, and he wanted to be back. i never want to say goodbye again.

the beautiful glow looking into his eyes filled my soul with intense and growing compassion, for i felt the pain he experienced as much as my own. i promise you’ll never be alone.

remember that the sun comes back out. things begin to make more sense, and the anxieties of the past dissipate into the air which now flows freshly into my lungs.

don’t let the lives of others influence that of your own. feelings matter the most to the one experiencing them, and you’re the most important.

all for now mi amore,


turn the page

i’d never imagine this year to turn out the way it did. i’ve overcome so many challenges, worked through tremendous personal growth, and learned how a true lady should be treated.

old bree would still be going through all the stages of grief, for any loss exhibits feelings and panic in my soul…but, new bree is okay.

for the last nine months, my life has been a learning curve. Learning how to establish my confidence, self respect and learning to never regret communication or love given are the top lessons thus far.

i am an intense person, for i will never apologize for that. i feel deep emotions, express love in any way i know possible. i carry a hue to me that i am so proud to have. i am passionate, kind, funny, intelligent and driven. i have an established career, hustle hard and always strive to be the best person i can. life definitely tries to damage the progress, but i have yet to fall.

this week has reminded me to focus on myself, my goals and the future i want. it reminded me that sometimes yellow flags are still red ones, and to never assume something is more than it is. it taught me to reignite my intuition.

i experienced a loss of the one i really fell hard for… i am hurt but okay. i am happy that i had so many moments with him, for my growth was supported by the freeing feeling in my soul when we were together. he taught me to make sure to always have fun, to never apologize for expressing emotions and to stick up for what i want through efficient communication. he helped me realize i was enough, more than enough, for the right one. he taught me it was okay to not be okay, and okay to be my wild self all at the same time. he taught me i wasn’t too much for the one that i’m supposed to have. he helped me learn how to be myself, and for that i am endlessly thankful.

i’ll forever value for the time we spent, for i am a better person because of us, what we were for some time.

the clock still ticks and the sun still rises, regardless. pick your head up and shine baby, it ain’t over yet.

with all else, love more


stay above the thoughts that drown your spirit

It’s been some time since I’ve eloquently drafted my thoughts into a blog creation. The last few weeks I’ve been paddling through anxious and uneasy thoughts, trying to maintain my equilibrium. Proud to say though, I’ve finally experienced clarity and surpassed the surface. I am ready to rise again.

I want to take a brief moment and thank whoever takes the time to read through these posts. My writers voice has evolved quickly, and through the nights I spend immersed in thought, I utilize this platform as a release. I re-read my posts, remembering the moments I struggled at reflection, praying to that girl I was. I write to share and educate through my journey, that healing is possible. I have received feedback from multiple people that draw me to tears, for their compliments hold power dear to my heart. Writing is a passion. I am thankful for the opportunity to potentially inspire you, guide you or offer any type of clarity in your own life. I also want to say that I have gotten a share of negativity from this as well. After a moment, I realized negativity is just a reflection on the character projecting such ideas. Satisfying unpopular opinions of others’ hostile feelings is no tea for me. Please find the “close tab” and take a moment with yourself if you’re feeling inclined to comment anything other than supportive to my posts. Carry on;

I have noticed a pattern in my human nature. I often strive to perform in excellence, juggling multiple hobbies and responsibilities with ease. I can do this well, until I can’t.

I don’t accept much less than exceptional performance from myself, so when I have to adjust my plans because they were overzealous-I become buried in critique from my subconscious mind. These thoughts create a version of myself I only remember because it is her I don’t want to become again. For she doubted every move she made, asked everyone what is in her best interest, consequently falling into negative thought trains. However, this “she” no longer exists.

It isn’t about how fast you go-but how you held yourself through the events of life that is.

I can’t ignore my gratitude for the people I have allowed to be apart of my life. Yes: allowed. We are responsible for creating and maintaining energy in which we reflect, and embrace in our daily lives. If you don’t like what you’re becoming, adjust your focus and figure out what drains your energies, your spirit and clouds your mind. Execute changes in the real world that free your spirit-and accept that it’s your time to shine. I have never had such incredible individuals around me, recognizing and encouraging me every day until now. They empower and guide me, inspiring me to carry on this immensely beautiful life.

The times when I planned my “last’s”: my last piece of writing, last visit with friends, last moments around strangers, down to where I was to take my final breath, I truly was at such a horrific place. I was deeply connected to the version of me I had always been-rather trained to be, through years of unprocessed trauma, provoked by unsettling relations with others. I never considered giving myself a chance at purity, and I just wanted to be the sun.

Sometimes when I’m writing these blogs I kinda go back in my mind to what I was going through during that time…I honestly can’t believe I pulled myself out of whatever storm I got caught in for so many years. I want to hug her, the Bree from last fall, all the way to the Bree in adolescence. This girl can get through anything. I think I know my purpose here, and I have some ground to cover yet.

I made a personal goal when I decided to move into my own place, as a single woman in her twenty somethings. I was to NEVER dim my light, lower standards or fall victim to toxicity again, (especially not to expel toxicity) . I created the woman I wanted me to be, with a simple image. In my head, I created someone filled with qualities and traits that reflect my ideal self. She has: confidence, strength, courage, passion, elegance, humility, graciousness, kindness, intelligence and much more. I graciously gave last chances, peace offerings and lost a lot of energy along the way adjusting my circle. Regardless of the effort, I never stoped pursuing this woman. I never stopped chasing the sun, until I became it.

My biggest flex is finding myself. I mean this. I never used to know some of the things I now know about myself. For example: I can build a coffee table, grill and hammock by myself. I create meals that feed your soul. I can paint well, creatively on canvas as well as walls. I am outgoing. I am pretty weird too. I can dress well. I can trust my decisions. I am happy. I can identify my triggers. I can communicate efficiently. I am CONFIDENT. I enjoy gazing into the sunrise, sunset, campfires and most of all, the glow in his eyes when he looks into mine.

Don’t ever give up on your story, for the next chapter is just a page away.

Utilize your energy, maintain your productivity and STRAIGHTEN YOUR CROWN!

with all else,

love more

serenity sanctuary

You must intentionally practice happiness to become it.

Each waking day is full of opportunities to enhance yourself. To fill the air with gentle and caring words, you are fueling the spark in your heart. Ignite your light, water your soul.

I’d have to say, although I have processed and worked through a tremendous amount of past trauma in the beginning of this year-to work on yourself is a job never finished. It takes dedication and precision to maintain adequate equilibrium in your soul. It takes recognition of triggers and patience to grow.

I promise it’s worth it. I will also promise it may be scary, uncomfortable, and may even provoke more anxiety…but you’re WORTH it. It can be discouraging-the days you fall behind the line of progression, but getting through those days can teach you how to utilize coping skills to maintain your new found self. I was terrified of who I’d become once my mind was clear of its previous script. However, I cleared room for the positivity I now hold, radiate and share with those around me.

I absolutely know my progress is because of my endless efforts and knowing I have a greater purpose in this life. I am evolving into that, more every day. I also know I have the people closest to me to thank. For endless support, for accepting me for who I was, even when I wasn’t the greatest. Those are the people I am so proud to have, for I will forever straighten their crowns-because they held and supported me while I fixed mine.

Two people particularly stick out in my mind, being the greatest two influences in the last year. Of course my mom, for her transition out of the physical world left me fighting my ass off to stay above the suffocating depression and anxiety I sufficed too. What I learned to appreciate was the way she could guide me through life, in a new found way. She taught me how to trust, how to evolve and how to actually have a clear mind. She taught me not everything has to be figured out at once, labeled or on a time limit. She taught me to live, moments at a time. She taught me what it’s like to live in peace.

Then there’s him. Who became my best friend over just a couple months, who (without knowing it), made me realize it’s okay to be my quirky self. Neither of us had any idea (I don’t think) that we’d click so well, or have such great times together, but we’re both cool with it! ☺️ He also helped my confidence, by actually encouraging me to participate and practice hobbies I previously neglected. I know he wasn’t doing anything intentional to impress me, but him being his genuine self guided me into comfort because he accepted all the goofiness I projected, and then soon enough I became that, all the time! I could finally breathe, and be my true self with him. I wasn’t embarrassed to sing songs, do my little dance or express anything to him. It was him that made me realize what safe space felt like, what maturity in a man was, what effort and passion felt like. It was with him at my side, cheering me on, that helped me gain security within myself. I never could have dreamed of someone so spectacular, to be the same one who cared about me that much. It’s an intense feeling, one I wouldn’t want to rush. Moments we create together I want nothing more to hold on too, than rush forward.

That’s the thing though, life doesn’t give you what you want during the time you think you want it. Life gives you what you put into it. Then one day, the energy in your life switches-and everything begins to fall into the place you once only dreamed of. Also remember that your life only has to make sense to you, so be secure in your decisions and private life, it’s your business.

In the earlier days I doubted my new reality. I was in disbelief that it was really my time, to be truly happy. It’s safe to say, this is who I am now. I am ever so proud to be able to manage and cope through things that previously triggered me into endless panic attacks and overwhelming feelings of doom. I am thankful, to myself-every day, for never giving up on my journey.

In the end, we have to fight for ourselves to gain progress. Ensure the circle of individuals you surround yourself with are those that encourage, love and challenge you to be your greatest.

Being able to truly change the patterns of negative thinking and adapt to a new lifestyle is eye opening. I never knew I could actually become the version of me I always wanted. Now that I did, I have become intensely proud and confident. This woman looking back in the mirror is quite extraordinary.

Take a moment and reflect on what your aspirations were when you were younger. I usually go to the age when I decided I wanted to be a nurse…because not only was I an adolescent, I was also confused, unheard and naive. I never thought I held the brain capacity to become half of what I am today. Think of that moment for you, what your dreams were. The friends that you wanted, the job/career, support and partner you dreamed to become and with the person you dream to share a life with. Are you happy with where you are, who you’ve become?

Make it your goal to wake up and intentionally bring positive thoughts into your mind. Enjoy the sounds of nature or your favorite songs and embrace yourself with the same tender love you give so freely to others. It’s time to water your own soil.

I’ll be here, to watch you grow.

All for now mi amore,


when the flame ignites

I’ve noticed a development in my journey that has coincidentally set me back a little from my progress.

It’s really important-during the lows, to have a couple people to ground you. However, this alone won’t solve anything. It’s purely for identification and acknowledgement of events-for progress to begin again. It is ok, to not be ok. It is however vital to take a step back, adjust your focus, reassess your goals and strive for progression.

No matter what we do for ourselves, triggers will exist. It is not the goal for them to be obsolete, but manageable. It is vital to recognize such toxic thoughts, and shutting them down before they become systemic and overwhelm your senses. Additionally, it’s important to remain realistic and to back up your intrusive mind with factual evidence to prove it’s tricking you into believing something entirely untrue. Trick is, you gotta catch it before it takes over. If you sit on the early stages of intrusive thoughts, you’re allowing that energy to consume you. After a short period of time, those thoughts create an entire situation out of absolutely nothing. It is upon that FIRST thought, that action must occur.

Positive thought reenforcement is a step toward thought training that possesses immense power within. With the first signs of intrusive, negative energy and thoughts of doubt, you may not even realize it’s happening. For me, I was having a day of “meh”, then after my shift and nap, I woke up in panic. There was no going back, no “undo” button for this one. I sabotaged myself in this one, I let the space fill with stories, during my “meh” moments, before trying to shut them down. That was my mistake, giving the thoughts even a moment of attention.

One of my greatest fears is that of abandonment. I am terrified the ones I love will forget about me, some way, some how. Although, to top the charts: I remain apprehensive and believe that I’m not important enough to be anyone’s “person”. I don’t know when that fear began, but with my past full of comments on how I could be so easily replaced, in addition to simply choosing the wrong people to be close too, I created more and more traits that lead me to dependency. I was raised to believe space means no love exists, and for that-creates one hell of a problem. I used to be completely tied into my partners, losing my individuality entirely. You see, I really didn’t realize I was dependent until I learned what it was like to be INDEPENDENT in seeking an actual, true partner. Because that’s what we’re suppose to be, individuals who choose to accompany each other through the journey of life. The purpose is to keep your individuality, and I am realizing that now.

This is easily my biggest fault, for I have to pay particular attention to how I utilize my efforts, because in order to grow and become who I truly know I can, I must drop these tendencies. I must work through them, and eventually understand I was the only one stopping me from my progress.

I’d say I am often overly communicative in my efforts. I think this has to do with the fact that I enjoy company, conversation and simply find comfort in feeling wanted. I have since recognized this and am reforming my thoughts and intentions. For space is not negativity, but comfort and security within.

Always remember how far you’ve come, since your journey began. Never belittle yourself, even in the moments you feel like breaking. I promise you, with genuine support and consistent effort comes immense growth. With dedication to oneself, self care and tender love, you will morph into that person you’ve always seen yourself as, or wanted to become.

with all else, love more


find comfort in your reflection, adhere to your progression

I have astonished myself this year with personal development-experiencing the most productive growth over the last eight months than that of the last ten years. My mental health and self-confidence have never been this secure. Respectfully, I owe this all to myself, for I left my soul neglected far too long.

How did/do I turn it around, successfully and whole heartedly?

Well…I often watch motivational videos and follow influencers, who trigger my intuitive thoughts and challenge me to continue my growth and pursue my passions. If you haven’t watched Will Smith’s videos on youtube-start today. He is one of the top individuals that trigger my intuition, and instill confidence in my efforts. Additionally, I search and read blogs of women who possess confidence, strength and independence. I learn their habits and tweak them to create my own. I practice affirmations, keep up with my hobbies and intentionally train my intrusive thoughts into positive ones. This was really hard initially, but once you get an intrusive thought-counteract that with three positive ones, and release the negativity. Consistency is key. I practice efficient hygiene efforts, which keep my body in motion. The simpliest acts of self care are just as important to mental heath. Don’t forget about your physical self too! Additionally, I consciously and purposely reach out to my friends and ask if they are in need of any supportive care, talks or silence. I yearn to instill positivity in the lives of those I am around. I basically run around shitting glitter everywhere I can, to make anyone around me smile. I am the sun-(not in a blinding you way, but a I want you to feel warm, bright and important way).

This week I came across a video that really struck me. This woman was talking about how most people, (primarily us women) expect others to recognize those traits about us we wish people would point out. Come on, we know- It’s those things you want your boyfriend to take pictures of you doing, or make comments about-or your best friends at that, whoever doesn’t matter, its the fact of such that does.

You know, like how you light up when you talk about your favorite ice cream, the way you wiggle when you eat that first bite of food, the way you literally glow when you play with children, the amount of enjoyment you get looking into the night sky, the pure joy from the simple pleasures of life, the light in your eyes when you reflect on your career goals, the passion that’s heard when you talk about your work, the silly dances you do in your car that bring out your goofy side, the puns you deliver poorly because you laugh the whole way through, the quirky and dorky texts you send to get someone to smile, the random acts of kindnes you perform just to remind someone they matter, the offerance of mental health support and advocation that make you the beautiul, passionate and empathic person you are…

THOSE. I was ignited with much inspiration to write about all the things that make me, me. The intention of her video reflected it is inappropriate to expect others to notice such qualities and traits, when you yourself can’t even recognize them. Take a moment after this blog, and evaluate those quirks within yourself, acknowledge the traits that make your beautiful soul shine.

One reservation I have had during the early times of self improvement was doubt. I was doubtful that I wouldn’t love this new me, I didn’t know who I was without the presence of anxiety and depression. I was scared to lose that part of myself, cus it had always been apart of me. But as I have found, release of such negativity opens the window of creative, compassionate, immaculate beauty. Recognize and release your toxic traits to make room for yourself to shine.

Don’t ever stop trying to be the best of yourself. We are all here for a purpose, for whatever it is you yearn out there, you deserve. Utilize self help resources, for they are immensely helpful at self relfection efforts. Don’t be afraid to grow as a person, you’re allowed to change.

With all else, love more


bloom baby, bloom

I can’t stop myself from this feeling, it’s paralyzing. It’s beautiful, passionate and inspiring.

Where literally no fears exist, no intrusive energies try to corrupt my progress. A world of mine-in which finally feels right.

I was shocked at first, that my life could actually be this great. I wasn’t sure if it was all another “lesson”, or if it really was my time. Thankfully the latter seems to be my new reality.

Of course most people dream of their fairy tale-type life. The things they want in a partner, friends and family. Those little things that mean the most to you, that you want someone to recognize. The ability to form passionate and intense connection with someone who makes you want to be even greater. Someone who encourages you to continue and grow as an individual, to then grow together. The person you can approach about anything with comfort.

Additionally, whatever else composed in your dreams of love, is a goal you can reach.

Don’t ever give up on what your dreams aspire to become. Keep the flame of your intuition lit, it’ll steer you in the direction of your dreams. Your intuition leads your reality, just listen.

One of the most important things I’ve learned this year is acceptance. Initially, I accepted that I had to recover from the traumas of my past. I had to improve on my emotional responses, doubts and previous wounds. I needed to become a better me. I trusted myself, loved myself and delivered tender care to my soul. This was not completed with ease, in fact, this was the hardest hurdle. Naturally, the universe challenged my character, for that is when I bloomed.

Things fell into place quicker than I anticipated. My mind training finally clicked and I accepted the value that I deserved this life. I am experiencing individuality and immense growth through my personal hobbies and accomplishments. I acknowledge and process emotions in a healthy way, and I am secure.

Through a life where I once felt threatened, I am now safe.

Thank you. For delivering consistent efforts and communication throughout our time together. Thank you for patience, honesty and transparency. Thank you for support, compassion and trust. It is you that also changed my world into this incredible reality I always hoped for. Words can’t possible come together well enough for me to express my gratitude for you. I only hope to make you feel as comfortable and loved as you do for me.

Take a large breath of fresh air today, inhale the radiance and warmth from above and exhale your fears. Love yourself more, and always exhibit kindness in your actions. Nurture yourself, let yourself grow.


mi amore

from the past

If you’re reading this blog post, confused at who I have become-then you truly don’t know me anymore. I could care less who reads my posts, for my writings are purely therapeutic. This is for me.

I closed my life on my past-for good. No looking back into the rear-view, I chase the sun. I am no longer the girl who was trapped in unhealthy behaviors and absence of coping skills.

I no longer feel stranded by my thoughts, isolation or insecurities. I am better.

For that, we all must move on. We’re to utilize our full potential, and unleash the traps previously planted where we thought love was shared.

Chase the sun with me, become it, radiate it.

Breathe in, embrace your truths, let your inner self shine. If it’s uncomfortable, you’re surrounded by the wrong people. Find the ones that reciprocate your energy and challenge you to grow. Find your tribe.

Being confident in who you are is a vital first step to attaining the comfort needed to truly unleash your full self.

Start small: Write down five complimentary words to describe your heart, brain or soul. Perhaps record yourself reading them with “I am…” prefacing. Keep the video, listen to it the next three mornings. Repeat.

Small rituals as the one just described can trigger your intuition, and rewire your thoughts.

Ensure consistency in your efforts at self saving.

Preserve your heart and delicacy dear, for you have growth yet to accomplish.

and…with all else, love more

xox mi amore